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If you are willing to develop your first Hyperledger Fabric chaincode GoLedger CC-Tools can make your journey much easier.

This open-source library is a collaborative effort to provide developers a powerful and easy-to-use library for creating Hyperledger Fabric chaincodes.

Developed using GoLang, GoLedger CC-Tools library has several features that facilitate…

Imagine you’re migrating your application to a vscode devcontainer and it consumes some local services, i.e a database atlocalhost:27017. How do you access this local port from inside your dev container?

If you have one of those dev containers and you’re struggling to access your development database running in another…

Many articles have discussed about the maximum speed of a Blockchain network.

When it comes to public Blockchains, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, the number of transactions per second is well known, but when you develop your own permissioned Blockchain using technologies like Corda, Quorum or Hyperledger Fabric, there are lots…


We deploy permissioned blockchain.

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